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Protect our Environment While We Still Can

Protect our Environment While we Still CanSometimes it really takes a town to save one of its own. In this case, the recipient of the effort is the unspoiled beauty of Coate. The area is located deep in Wilshire England and nestles on North Wessex Downs. It surrounds a favourite spot among locals, the Coate Water Country Park.

In real estate, developers often take to running over fresh land because they are usually less expensive to clean up and develop and are more likely to return a bigger profit for their investment. Because of this, great stretches of land that are naturally beautiful and are steeped in heritage are being lost one by one.

This is what has happened to the land of Coate. A developer submitted plans to build up the area, which included building a university on site. This proposal did not agree with most of the locals since it would mean the destruction of a land that they value for its beauty and historical significance. This brought on such a huge outcry from the townspeople who started a movement, Save Coate, which resulted in the council’s rejection of the developer’s original plans. In an effort to regain what they’ve already lost for the initial plan, the builders’ are now thinking of ways on how to salvage the project involving Coate.

The latest proposal has been greatly reduced in size and the plan to build a university has been abandoned altogether. The developers have likewise committed to protect the park which is what the locals really want. Now, this all sound well on paper, but the locals are not taking any chances. Instead of letting go of the Save Coate efforts, they are still campaigning for active participation from the people. The reason? To prevent a precedent.

For city folks, development probably doesn’t sound as bad because it means more convenience to stores and enterprises that you need, more available housing options, and extension roads to public facilities such as hospitals, schools and the marketplace. But to the locals who have nurtured the placed and kept it a popular secret it means more:

• The removal of the country lane’s tranquility as more traffic and possibly more noise will come from widened roads that will cater to the need of a large employment space.

• The disappearance of a route that is much used by the townspeople for recreational activities such as jogging, horseback-riding, rambling plus the holding of the first rural leg of the annual half marathon.

• The impact on wildlife is significant such as the possible destruction of an otter stream and the blockage of badger routes in the vicinity.

• Any development in the area will diminish the natural beauty of the place since any building higher than two storeys will stand out unpleasantly.

• Main access roads, the Marlboro Road, for instance, already meet their capacity, any further traffic would make it unsafe.

•The area is Jefferies Land, closely associated with the works of Victorian author, Richard Jefferies. His birthplace and home are on the edge of the development site while his wife spent her childhood at Day House farm. The local landscape is heavily featured in most of Jefferies’ works and is of great literary, environmental and educational value.

These reasons may sound minor to those who have not grown up or lived in the area but it shows how much we can do to protect our immediate environment from being damaged unnecessarily. Progress is not a bad thing but to pursue it without considering all costs is downright irresponsible. There are other lands that can be developed to suit commercial purposes but it is admirable what the Save the Coate campaign has achieved in terms of preserving natural beauty and history.

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Down to Earth Celebrites Are Cool

Party Bus Ottawa | Limo Bus Ottawa | Mini Bus Rental OttawaI work for a well known magazine company, and while working there, I’ve met some interesting and famous people. Last month, I had to interview a famous actor who was starring in a new movie after having been on hiatus for 2 years. My boss jumped at the chance for an exclusive interview with the actor, so he made arrangements for me to meet the actor and ask him some questions. My boss had contacted a toronto limo service earlier in the week to provide transportation for myself and the actor.

I met with the actor at the airport. He had just arrived after doing some filming. When I met him, I couldn’t help but notice how tall he was. Most actors are shorter than they appear on screen, but he was exceptionally tall. He stepped into the limo while some paparazzi snapped pictures and watched us ride away. Some of the paparazzi decided to follow us, but we were able to lose them quickly.

The actor was feeling hungry after his long flight, so we went to a restaurant to buy some lunch.

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Why a Condo is Better

I am moving from Connecticut to Virginia in a few years to join my boyfriend. I am not ready to leave the north yet because my daughter is still kind of young, I figured when she went to college that I would be able to move and he said that he would wait for me. We see each other about every six months and we talk to each other every single day. I told him that there were a lot of reasons why we had to look at condos for sale in river north as there were a lot of options that we were going to be able to afford. We both have kids that will not be living with us so I told him that living in a condo was going to be a great thing for us to do together.

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We Enjoy Our Couch Potato Evenings

One of my favorite things to do is go to the movies. I just enjoy losing myself for a couple of hours in a film that has great actors. This is an expensive habit to have in today’s economy though, especially since I love to eat while I watch movies. For my husband and I to go to the movies and have popcorn and drinks, it can cost us 50 bucks per flick! Rather than not watch anything at all, I found free movies online on the Internet, and it has been pretty exciting for us since.

It is a site that has all kinds of movies on it. There are some obscure movies for sure, but there are thousands of popular hits as well. I cannot imagine one person going there and not being able to find dozens of movies that interests them. For me, it is even better because my husband and I enjoy so many different genres of movies. Our favorite is action adventure, but we also enjoy science fiction, time travel, thrillers, and foreign films. There are hundreds of movies in each of those categories, and I don’t think we will run out of anything to watch for a very long time. Actually, I don’t think it would ever happen, even if we watched a different movie every night.

That is because new movies are always being added, and that is not all that is there. If we don’t have a couple of hours to spare, we can always watch one of our favorite television shows there. They have thousands of those too, and we have had fun catching up on some of the series that we had been neglecting lately. We still go out and have fun, but we are enjoying our couch potato evenings a whole lot more now too.

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Car Insurance Companies Won’t Reveal these Tips

If you were a company that was making millions of dollars each and every year, would you reveal the insider secrets to how you can make that kind of money? Well, unfortunately, the big insurers are in business to make money, which means they are also in the business of not disclosing to customers how they can spend less on their insurance products!Thankfully, Damian Roberton from, has put together a handy resource that outlines some simple advice to save you money.


car insurance infographic 90 percent

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We Wanted to Move Back Home

When I moved to Florida, I thought I was going to enjoy living there. While it was nice, I knew that it could never compare to my home state of Colorado. I wanted to move back home to be closer to my folks, and my wife wanted to be closer to her family again too. When a job position became open there, we knew that we were going to move our family back home. We started looking at fountain homes for sale on the computer, because we thought it would take us a bit of time to find the home that we wanted to buy.

We could not have been more wrong though. As soon as we started looking through the listings, we both fell in love with one home in particular that was on the first page of results. We have two sons, so we wanted at least a three bedroom house. The one that we found has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an office too.

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Tips to Follow in Choosing Garden Plans for Your Home

garden plansGarden plans can definitely add to the beauty that your home bears. It allows people to have a sneak peek at your personality and the kind of spirit that you carry in your household. This is the reason behind the need for the right team of experts to help you out in designing the piece of nature that you own. This way, you can be assured that you will be able to go home to your own sanctuary where you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones and also hold social gatherings with your friends. Here are some tips that can help you make the right choice of plans for your garden.

Create Your Personal Definition of Peace and Quiet

The real definition of home can be achieved if you can enjoy some peace and quiet with your loved ones after a long day at work. This makes bonding sessions more meaningful if there would be a specific time of the day when you can catch up with your family about your activities for the day. At the same time, this is made better if you can talk or share coffee in the garden. For some, a semblance of peace is achieved when some time alone is spent. This gives a person the opportunity to unwind or unload his personal baggage.

Depending on your definition of peace and quiet, it becomes easier for you to choose great garden plans. Since it is meant to be some form of escape from the bustle of city life, the design of your garden should perfectly fit your taste. More importantly, it should respond well to your need for personal space, where you are from any worries.

Choose Garden Plans that Will Let You Enjoy the Max

Regardless of your house’s lot area, great garden plans should let you maximize the space the you have in your yard. This leaves little to desire other homes and offers a level of satisfaction that can match no other. An improved space should also give you the floor area that you need to hold family and other social gatherings, like a barbecue or a tea party. This is possible with efficient design and creative planning to help you achieve the space needed for your garden. If this is done, you will not only realize the true value of the money that you have spent, but also gain compliments for a great garden.

Find the Right Team to Deliver the Design that You Need

These days, need has become more valuable than just wants. The same is true for city living and if you have a limited space in your front or backyard to give you the kind of garden that you want. However, this is not a remote possibility with an able team who can give you the best garden plans for your home. They should not only give you a nearly accurate quotation that fits your budget, but a design that will make the most out of your space and compliment your house design. You simply need to maximize your online resources to find them and you are ready to take the next step.

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