Visit Coate in Wiltshire

History of Coate Water Country Park

coatemapCoate Water Country Park was originally a reservoir which formed a 70-acre lake meant to supply water to a nearby canal. In 1914 when the canal became abandoned, the lake was turned into a water park. Changing rooms and a diving platform were the first additions to the lake followed by a 33-foot concrete diving platform in Art Deco style.

The majority of the parks first visitors were railway workers and their families. It also provided entertainment to poor locals who didn’t have money to go abroad and was host to numerous national diving competitions.

In the 1960’s swimming was stopped at the park, but the diving platform was still maintained and is still to present day the centerpiece of the park. The park has been revived starting in the late 2000’s and is currently a thriving area. There are level and surfaced paths in and around the park and a route that leads around the entire lake.

Water birds are the most abundant animals, but other types of wildlife can also be seen. Walking the parks most popular activity and it is conveniently handicap accessible. It also has putt putt golf, canoeing, fishing, and other outdoor activities making it a popular destination for a day out.