Visit Coate in Wiltshire

Visiting Coate Water Country Park in Swindon

In 1914 a 70-acre lake in Swindon was converted into a leisure water park. The park, which featured new change rooms and a diving platform, was a hit with local railway workers and their families. The park has historically had ups and downs, but is currently thriving while promoting a “play or relax” atmosphere.


Walking through the park and around the lake is great at all times of the year. There are also maintained jogging and cycling paths. Additionally, visitors rave about the park being a wonderful atmosphere to walk their dogs.

Transportation can be had via locomotives that take visitors around the park and via canoe for the more adventurous types. The locomotives are talked about by tourists as a fun way to see the sights while moving around the park. The canoeing is popular amongst the locals, but is also available to tourists.

Activities such as crazy golf, water sports, and fishing are great for kids and adults alike. The crazy golf is a tourist favorite and is available for only a small fee. Often, parents let their kids play crazy golf while they peacefully enjoy the park.


The Richard Jefferies Museum offers visitors the opportunity to visit the home of Richard Jefferies, who was a famous nature writer from the area. Many of his works were inspired by the beautiful countryside. One of the purposes of the museum is to promote youth literature, so it caters itself to a young audience.

Cafes with food and drinks are found throughout the park. Relaxing in the park with a coffee is always a good idea and ice cream is a fan favorite amongst kids.

Coate Water Country Park has been called a “well kept secret”, but is becoming more and more popular. A day out is sure to be a pleasant experience with nature, wildlife, and fun. The park is wheelchair accessible and offers well laid out maps for visitors to use to get around easily. This once well “well kept secret” will soon no longer be one, so it’s important to plan a day out soon.